Engaging as the Disney series is, the true story of the
Caribbean pirates is even more captivating: a long lost tale
of tyranny and resistance, of a maritime revolt that shook the
very foundations of the British Empire, and a cast of
characters as compelling, surprising, and eccentric as those
of fiction and fantasy.
The Pirates
The Real Pirates of the Caribbean
The Cast
Blackbeard, Charles Vane, Sam Bellamy,
Paulsgrave Williams, Stede Bonnet,
Benjamin Hornigold, Henry Jennings,
Olivier La Buse, Calico Jack Rackham,
Mary Read, Anne Bonny
The Pirates of the Flying Gang:
The Authorities:
Gov. Woodes Rogers. Gov. Alexander
Gov. Charles Eden, Gov.
Archibald Hamilton, Gov. Torres y Ayala,
Gov. Benjamin Bennet, Justice Thomas
Walker, King George I,  James Stuart
(“King James III”). Capt. Vincent Pearse.
Capt. Francis Hume. Lt. Robert Maynard.
Role models & Promoters:
Henry Avery. Henry Morgan. William
Kidd. Captain Charles Johnson. Daniel
Defoe. Robert Louis Stevenson.
London, Bristol, Nassau, Port Royal,
Boston, Cape Cod, Charleston, Spanish
Florida, North Carolina,
Virginia, New
Philadelphia, Maine, Madagascar.
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The Pirates
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Welcome to The Republic of Pirates resource page, the web's ultimate source
for accurate, up-to-date information on the great pirates of the early 1700s.
Within these pages you will find biographies of the Flying Gang pirates, their
nemeses, role models and promoters, as well as information on the places
where they operated.
Drawing on archival material from England, Spain, France,
and the Americas,
The Republic of Pirates tells the pirates’
story with unparallelled detail and accuracy, revealing
heretofore unknown episodes in the evolution of their
republic, exploding long-told myths about their lives, and
verifying others.
The pirates of the Flying Gang had several motivations.
Most of them were ex-sailors revolting against tyrannical
conditions on merchant and naval ships; for this reason, the
pirates ran their ships democratically, sharing plunder
equally, and selecting and deposing their captains by
popular vote. Africans could be equal members of their
crews – several mulattos became pirate captains – and
slaves throughout the Caribbean sought to join the pirates’
roughshod republic at Nassau in the Bahamas. Some
Englishmen went pirate as a way of supporting a global
conspiracy to restore the recently-deposed Stuart line to the
British throne.
The great pirates of fiction – from Long John Silver and
Captain Hook to Bluebeard and Jack Sparrow – were largely
modeled after a single circle of pirates who operated out of
the Bahamas between 1715 and 1718, and spread
throughout the world.
The Republic of Pirates: Being the True and Surprising Story of the Caribbean Pirates and the Man who Brought
them Down
by Colin Woodard. The Official Homepage. (c) 2008 Colin Woodard.