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February 25, 2009

How the Royal Navy confronted the pirates

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My feature on how the Royal Navy responded to the rise of the Golden Age pirates is in the new issue of Military History Quarterly.

"Quelling a Pirate Revolt," (Spring 2009, pp. 9-19) shows how Admiralty policies helped provoke the piracy outbreak and hampered the Navy's ability to respond to the threat. Based on previously unpublished accounts from the letters and logbooks of naval officers, the article sheds new light on how Blackbeard, Charles Vane, Sam Bellamy, Calico Jack Rackham and other pirates managed to destabilize three Trans-Atlantic empires. There's also a sidebar on the parallels with the recent Somalia piracy outbreak.

The piece isn't available online - they'd like you to subscribe to the magazine.

 -- Colin Woodard



February 03, 2009

Pirates in Philadelphia


Whenever I find the time, I try to expand the offerings at republicofpirates.net, and today I've added the Pirates in Philadelphia page. After all, Expedition Whydah's "Real Pirates" exhibit just wrapped up at Philadelphia's Franklin Institute; while the Whydah never made it to town, Blackbeard and Henry Avery's men certainly did...and maybe the arch-pirate himself.

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