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April 13, 2009

Somali and Golden Age Pirates: the parallels

The U.S. Navy successfully rescued the captain of an American-flagged cargo vessel from Somali pirates yesterday, ending a four-day standoff. Captain Richard Phillips was held hostage on a lifeboat after pirates seized and, later, lost control of the Maersk Alabama.

I was interviewed by The Christian Science Monitor about the possible historical lessons the official responses to the Golden Age Pirates might offer for the current situation. I described some of the extraordinary parallels between the Somali and Bahamas-based piracy outbreaks and the strategy the British successfully employed to defeat the infamous Flying Gang, described in my book, The Republic of Pirates.

-- Colin Woodard



April 07, 2009

Republic of Pirates en Español...in paperback

The Spanish edition of my most recent book, The Republic of Pirates, is now available in paperback from Editorial Critica of Barcelona.

La Republica de los Piratas, released in hardcover last year, was excerpted in the Spanish daily La Razon and has received favorable attention from Madrid's El Cultural magazine, the Madrid daily ABC, Argentina's Revista ñ, and Spain's sports paper AS. Now you can get it for less than €20.

The most thorough account of the lives of the great Caribbean pirates is also available in Danish and in English as a BBC America audiobook, an Amazon kindlebook, a Sony e-book, or in Harcourt hardcover or paperback.

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