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  • Is Blackbeard’s Name Edward Teach Or Thatch?

    Is Blackbeard’s Name Edward Teach Or Thatch?

    Fact is, either spelling is acceptable, but if one has to pick, Thatch is a better choice. In the early 1700s, spelling had yet to be standardized — the first reasonably comprehensive English dictionary wasn’t published until 1755 — and people tended to spell things as they heard them. A given scribe often spelled a…

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  • Keelhauling – Punishments By Pirates

    Keelhauling – Punishments By Pirates

    Keelhauling was a brutal form of punishment used by pirates during the Golden Age of piracy. It involved dragging the offender under the ship’s hull from one side to the other, often resulting in severe injuries or death. The process of keelhauling involved tying the offender to a rope or line and then dragging them…

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  • Flogging – Punishments By Pirates

    Flogging – Punishments By Pirates

    Flogging One of the most common forms of punishment used by pirates was flogging. This involved the offender being tied to a wooden frame and beaten with a whip or cat o’ nine tails. The severity of the punishment varied depending on the nature of the offense, with more serious crimes resulting in a greater…

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  • Pirate Forms Of Punishment

    Pirate Forms Of Punishment

    Pirates have been known throughout history for their violent and often brutal ways of enforcing discipline and punishing disobedience among their crews. From flogging to keelhauling, pirates used a variety of methods to maintain order on their ships and ensure that their crews followed their commands. Overall, the pirate lifestyle was brutal and unforgiving, and…

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  • Pirates and Drinking

    Pirates and Drinking

    Throughout the history of piracy, drinking has been an integral part of the pirate culture. It is hard to find a pirate who did not enjoy drinking, from the early days of piracy to modern times. Sobriety and piracy do not seem to go hand in hand. In fact, becoming a pirate often involved proving…

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  • Pirate Canons

    Pirate Canons

    Cannons were a critical component of pirate ships. These weapons were used for a variety of purposes, from intimidating other ships into surrendering to defending against attacks from naval vessels. According to historical accounts, pirate ships during the 17th century were often equipped with multiple cannons. The exact number of cannons varied depending on the…

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  • Olivier Levasseur’s Lost Treasure

    Olivier Levasseur’s Lost Treasure

    As I delve into the world of pirate legends, one story stands out as particularly intriguing: the tale of Olivier Levasseur‘s lost treasure. The image of buried gold, jewels, and other riches has long captured our imaginations, but the story of Levasseur’s treasure goes beyond the typical pirate fantasy. The Buzzard Olivier Levasseur, a pirate…

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  • Pirate Knives: The Short, The Long And The Deadly!

    Pirate Knives: The Short, The Long And The Deadly!

    Pirates lived a life full of violence and lawlessness. One of the most iconic images of a pirate is that of a swashbuckling figure brandishing a knife or a sword. Pirates used knives for a variety of purposes, including personal defense, shipboard work, and as weapons. In this article, we will explore the different types…

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  • Notorious 17th Century Pirates

    Notorious 17th Century Pirates

    17th century pirates, along with their dates of birth and death (if known), the years they were active, and the regions where they were active: Pirate Name Date of Birth Date of Death Years Active Region Henry Morgan 1635 1688 1660-1670s Caribbean William Kidd 1645 1701 1690s-1700s Caribbean and Indian Ocean Blackbeard 1680 1718 1716-1718…

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  • Governor Charles Eden

    Governor Charles Eden

    Charles, Eden (1673-1722) was the governor of North Carolina during era of the Flying Gang pirates. In 1718, Stede Bonnet and, separately, Blackbeard journeyed to Bath, the colony’s sleepy village capital, to take the king’s pardon from Gov. Eden. Blackbeard and Eden apparently came to some sort of arrangement, as the arch-pirate promptly settled in…

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