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  • What is a pieces of eight and what is the origins behind it?

    What is a pieces of eight and what is the origins behind it?

    During the colonial period in British North America, colonists were not authorized to mint their own currency, which led to a scarcity of English coins for everyday transactions. To overcome this challenge, they resorted to using whatever coins were available to them. The Spanish silver dollar, with a value of eight “Reales,” became the most…

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  • Woodes Rogers

    Woodes Rogers

    Woodes Rogers, the man who developed the crown’s response to the great piracy outbreak, was born in Poole, Dorset, England in 1679, the son of an aspiring merchant. His father built a successful long-distance shipping concern, trading for fish in Newfoundland and, later, slaves in West Africa, and made a number of influential friends in…

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  • What are the key differences between men and womens pirate outfits?

    What are the key differences between men and womens pirate outfits?

    The key differences between men’s and women’s pirate outfits are largely in the cut and fit of the clothing and the accessories that are worn. Some specific differences include: Silhouette: Men’s pirate outfits tend to have a more masculine, broad-shouldered silhouette, while women’s pirate outfits often have a more feminine, hourglass shape. Tops: Men’s pirate…

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  • Pirate Hats and Pirate Headgear

    Pirate Hats and Pirate Headgear

    No Pirate Outfit is complete without a proper pirate hat. However most people don’t realise that there was quite a range in pirate headgear, not just the well know Captains Tricorne hat. What are the different types of pirate headgear? There are several different types of pirate headgear, each with its own unique style and…

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  • The Pirate Flag  – Famous Pirate Flags

    The Pirate Flag – Famous Pirate Flags

    Pirate flags, also known as Jolly Rogers, have a long and storied history that is intertwined with the history of piracy itself. Of all known pirate flags, the most known and popular was the Jolly Roger, commonly depicted as a black flag with a skull and crossbones on it. The moment it was seen, this…

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  • Best Pirate Costumes For Men

    The secret to pulling off an outfit for Halloween festivities and costume parties is wearing a well-put-together and spot-on ensemble of a person (or object) you are portraying. And if you intend to go as a bandit on the high seas, these best pirate costume sets have the right elements, so you can convince everyone. …

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  • Mary Read

    Mary Read

    Mary Read and fellow female pirate Anne Bonny have captivated the public imagination for three centuries, but much of what has been written about them is false. Most accounts can be traced back to a flawed description of their lives in The General History of the Pyrates (1724) which holds that they both had disguised…

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  • Calico Jack Rackham

    Calico Jack Rackham

    John Rackham was one of the rank-and-file pirates based in the Bahamas and, at the time of Woodes Rogers‘ arrival there, was serving in the crew of Charles Vane, leader of the die-hard pirate faction. He had a penchant for wearing clothes made from bright Indian Calico cloth, which lead his fellow pirates to dub…

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  • Olivier La Buse

    Olivier La Buse

    Olivier La Buse — also known as Louis Labous, La Bouse, La Bouche, La Buze, and Olivier Levasseur — was the leading French captain of the pirate republic in the Bahamas, and one of the most successful pirates of the Golden Age of Piracy. He is often said to have been born in Calais, although…

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  • Henry Jennings

    Henry Jennings

    Henry Jennings was one of the early members of the pirate republic in the Bahamas, and the leader of one of the two major pirate factions there. Apparently motivated by a desire to restore the Stuarts to the British throne, Jennings was one of the more violent and merciless pirates, with far fewer reservations about…

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