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  • Benjamin Hornigold

    Benjamin Hornigold

    Benjamin Hornigold was the founder of the pirate republic in the Bahamas and a mentor to both Blackbeard and Sam Bellamy. A leader of one of the largest pirate factions at Nassau, he ultimately switched sides, becoming a leading pirate hunter and a trusted lieutenant of the pirate’s arch nemesis, Woodes Rogers. As revealed in…

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  • Stede Bonnet

    Stede Bonnet

    Like Paulsgrave Williams, Stede Bonnet was an unlikely pirate. The scion of an influential family of Barbados sugar planters, Bonnet had a wife, children, and estate on that island. A landlubber, he didn’t know how to operate a ship. And yet, in April 1717, Bonnet left Barbados under cover of darkness in the Revenge, an…

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  • Anne Bonny

    Anne Bonny

    Anne Bonny and fellow female pirate Mary Read have captivated the public imagination for three centuries, but much of what has been written about them is false. Most accounts can be traced back to a flawed account of their lives in The General History of the Pyrates (1724) which holds that they both had disguised…

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  • Paulsgrave Williams

    Paulsgrave Williams

    Paulsgrave Williams, who rose to become one of the most infamous pirate captains, was an unlikely candidate to join this maritime revolt: a middle-aged silversmith from a wealthy family, with a wife and two young children. His father was a wealthy merchant and Rhode Island’s attorney general; his mother was descended from the Plantagenet kings…

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  • Samuel Bellamy

    Samuel Bellamy

    Samuel Bellamy, the self-styled Robin Hood of the Seas, is believed to have been born in the late winter of 1689 in the English hamlet of Hittisleigh, Devon. A sailor, he showed up in New England after the end of the War of Spanish Succession (1702-1712) and, according to legend, made his way to Eastham,…

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  • Charles Vane

    Charles Vane

    Of the origins of Charles Vane, the rashest member of the Flying Gang, we know very little. Prior to going pirate in 1715 or 1716, he was living in Port Royal, Jamaica, although records of his trial indicate he was not from there. He joined the crew of the privateer Henry Jennings prior to his…

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  • Blackbeard


    Edward Thatch, the pirate who came to be known as Blackbeard, is believed to have been born around 1680 in the vicinity of Bristol, England’s second most important port. Historians have speculated that Thatch (also recorded as “Teach,” “Tache,” and “Thach”) may have not have been his real name, a theory bolstered by a review…

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