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  • Pirate Ships: An In-Depth Look at Their Types and History

    Pirate Ships: An In-Depth Look at Their Types and History

    Pirate ships have long been the subject of fascination and intrigue, capturing the imaginations of many through tales of adventure, treasure, and daring exploits. The history of these vessels is an important part of maritime culture and remains a significant area of study. This article will explore the different types of pirate ships, their history,…

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  • Did pirates really say “Arrr”?

    Did pirates really say “Arrr”?

    Did the golden age pirates actually speak that way? And where did “pirate talk” come from anyway? Not surprisingly, pirate talk comes from the movies, specifically the 1950 Disney classic Treasure Island, starring Robert Newton as Long John Silver. Newton’s performance — full of “arrs,” “shiver me timbers” and references to “landlubbers” — not only…

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  • Is Blackbeard’s Name Edward Teach Or Thatch?

    Is Blackbeard’s Name Edward Teach Or Thatch?

    Fact is, either spelling is acceptable, but if one has to pick, Thatch is a better choice. In the early 1700s, spelling had yet to be standardized — the first reasonably comprehensive English dictionary wasn’t published until 1755 — and people tended to spell things as they heard them. A given scribe often spelled a…

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  • Pirate Canons

    Pirate Canons

    Cannons were a critical component of pirate ships. These weapons were used for a variety of purposes, from intimidating other ships into surrendering to defending against attacks from naval vessels. According to historical accounts, pirate ships during the 17th century were often equipped with multiple cannons. The exact number of cannons varied depending on the…

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  • Olivier Levasseur’s Lost Treasure

    Olivier Levasseur’s Lost Treasure

    As I delve into the world of pirate legends, one story stands out as particularly intriguing: the tale of Olivier Levasseur‘s lost treasure. The image of buried gold, jewels, and other riches has long captured our imaginations, but the story of Levasseur’s treasure goes beyond the typical pirate fantasy. The Buzzard Olivier Levasseur, a pirate…

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  • Notorious 17th Century Pirates

    Notorious 17th Century Pirates

    17th century pirates, along with their dates of birth and death (if known), the years they were active, and the regions where they were active: Pirate Name Date of Birth Date of Death Years Active Region Henry Morgan 1635 1688 1660-1670s Caribbean William Kidd 1645 1701 1690s-1700s Caribbean and Indian Ocean Blackbeard 1680 1718 1716-1718…

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  • What is a pieces of eight and what is the origins behind it?

    What is a pieces of eight and what is the origins behind it?

    During the colonial period in British North America, colonists were not authorized to mint their own currency, which led to a scarcity of English coins for everyday transactions. To overcome this challenge, they resorted to using whatever coins were available to them. The Spanish silver dollar, with a value of eight “Reales,” became the most…

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  • The Pirate Flag  – Famous Pirate Flags

    The Pirate Flag – Famous Pirate Flags

    Pirate flags, also known as Jolly Rogers, have a long and storied history that is intertwined with the history of piracy itself. Of all known pirate flags, the most known and popular was the Jolly Roger, commonly depicted as a black flag with a skull and crossbones on it. The moment it was seen, this…

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