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  • Pirate Ports During the Time of Blackbeard

    Pirate Ports During the Time of Blackbeard

    During the early 18th century, the so-called “Golden Age of Piracy,” pirate ports flourished in the Caribbean and along the American coast. Among the most infamous of these ports were Nassau in the Bahamas, Port Royal in Jamaica, and the lesser-known but equally vital Charles Town in South Carolina. These ports served as safe havens…

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  • Pirate Ship Roles – The Pirate Crew Ranks

    Pirate Ship Roles – The Pirate Crew Ranks

    A pirate ship was a well-organized vessel, with each crew member assigned specific duties to ensure smooth operations and successful plundering. Many pirate crews followed a hierarchical structure and a code of conduct, which governed their behavior and the division of spoils (Rediker, 2004). This article discusses the key roles aboard a pirate ship, drawing…

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  • Shark Baiting – Pirate Punishments

    Shark Baiting – Pirate Punishments

    Sharkbaiting: Pirates, Punishment, and the Ocean’s Most Feared Predators Ahoy there, ocean adventurers! Are you ready to dive into the deep, murky waters of pirate history? Today, we’re going to explore another dastardly pirate punishment: sharkbaiting! The idea of being tossed into the sea and left at the mercy of hungry sharks is enough to…

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  • Keelhauling – Punishments By Pirates

    Keelhauling – Punishments By Pirates

    Keelhauling was a brutal form of punishment used by pirates during the Golden Age of piracy. It involved dragging the offender under the ship’s hull from one side to the other, often resulting in severe injuries or death. The process of keelhauling involved tying the offender to a rope or line and then dragging them…

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  • Flogging – Punishments By Pirates

    Flogging – Punishments By Pirates

    Flogging One of the most common forms of punishment used by pirates was flogging. This involved the offender being tied to a wooden frame and beaten with a whip or cat o’ nine tails. The severity of the punishment varied depending on the nature of the offense, with more serious crimes resulting in a greater…

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  • Pirate Forms Of Punishment

    Pirate Forms Of Punishment

    Pirates have been known throughout history for their violent and often brutal ways of enforcing discipline and punishing disobedience among their crews. From flogging to keelhauling, pirates used a variety of methods to maintain order on their ships and ensure that their crews followed their commands. Overall, the pirate lifestyle was brutal and unforgiving, and…

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  • Pirates and Drinking

    Pirates and Drinking

    Throughout the history of piracy, drinking has been an integral part of the pirate culture. It is hard to find a pirate who did not enjoy drinking, from the early days of piracy to modern times. Sobriety and piracy do not seem to go hand in hand. In fact, becoming a pirate often involved proving…

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