Pirate Hats and Pirate Headgear

No Pirate Outfit is complete without a proper pirate hat. However most people don’t realise that there was quite a range in pirate headgear, not just the well know Captains Tricorne hat.

What are the different types of pirate headgear?

There are several different types of pirate headgear, each with its own unique style and features. Some common types of pirate headgear include:

Tricorne hat

The tricorne hat, the most known style of pirate hat, is a triangular hat (hence the name tri-corne) with a wide brim and a high crown.

It is one of the most iconic and recognizable types of pirate headgear.

Pirate Bandanas

Pirates used to often wear headscarves; a bandana is a squarish cloth tied round the head. It can also be tied around the neck in a variety of styles, and it is often used to keep the hair out of the face or to add a touch of color and flair to an outfit. Sometimes pirates would have both, a tricorne hat worn over the bandana.

Bicorne hat

Hats that have two points instead of the three are usually called a bicorne hat. It is similar to a tricorne hat, but it has a more formal, structured appearance. You may see these in some pirate movies, but it isn’t as common as usual.

Cocked hat

A cocked hat is a type of hat with a high crown and a wide brim that is turned up on one or both sides. It is similar to a tricorne hat, but it has a more formal, military-style appearance.

Monmouth cap

The Monmouth cap is a type of knit cap with a round top and a pointed peak. It is named after the town of Monmouth in Wales, where it was first produced, and was usually worn by Welsh Pirates.


The fez is a type of hat that is shaped like a cone and is worn by tilting it to one side of the head. It is often associated with pirates from the Mediterranean region, and is often seen on historical Arabian pirates.